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About the Artist

'Happiness is a loaded paintbrush.'

A few factoids...Born 1968 (apparently, a lovely, happy child!) I spent most of my school years as a loud, whirling dervish one minute, or a quiet and shy, dolly daydream the next. Art always seemed to ground me and bring focus to my life. Decades on, and nothing has changed!

I am largely self-taught....but did proudly pass A level Art at the local polytechnic. I realise this does not have quite the kudos as studying for ten years at the R.A or some such, but who knows, maybe I'll join next year when I'm not so busy(!) The words 'self taught" imply a finished process- self teaching is more accurate really. I learn continuously and wholly embrace this. I take the frustrations along with the triumphs (prefer the latter,) after all, the answer IS there somewhere.

Art naturally is a personal process, and my style would seem to reflect this. Bright, bold and abstract for the extrovert in me- detailed, calming, aesthetic for the introvert. Whichever medium I'm working in, the art sits squarely in one of those camps! (I only sign paintings so people don't get caught out thinking there's many artists at work here.) I guess the common denominator to these works would be their eclectic value- there has to be something for everyone, it's so diverse.